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Wellness support has seen an increase in demand within the healthcare industry over the past years. Many workers find it challenging to set aside time for their own well-being while caring for their patients. During the course of this pandemic, it is very important to acknowledge and support the wellness needs of students and healthcare providers.


It is our goal to generate a community where medical professionals can have an outreach program and find support in fellow colleagues all across the globe. Given our current pandemic, healthcare providers have been burdened with constant new stressors, such as their shortage of supplies, dealing with an unknown disease, well being of their own families and much more.


We aim to support the wellness of those affected by the pandemic through virtual and in house programs, whether in groups or one-on-one. In the coming days and weeks, we will be gathering networks of current residents who wish to be included in the outreach program. We will reach out to psychiatrists, psychiatry residents, and clinical psychologists who wish to mediate individual or group meetings. Students who wish to connect with other students may do so in student support groups that are not mediated by a mentor. Rather, students serve as peer support for each other. 

We hope that this forum will provide discussion and a sense of community support during these unprecedented times. Please feel free to leave your comments!

In the meantime, we've gathered various resources that can serve as a medium of healing and support for you. These resources so far include the following:

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