National Student Response Network (NSRN)

    United States

    E-mail: NSRN.health@gmail.com

    National Student Response Network (NSRN) aims to create a database so that local hospitals know what medical, nursing, physician assistant, and other health professions students are living in their area, so that in the event hospitals need us they know who is near and what skills they have. This will be for hospitals to use and they will decide if and how they want to use us.



    Support UNFPA Funding Act Organizational Endorsement

    United States

    Please fill out the information to provide your organization's endorsement of U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan's (D-PA) bill H.R. 4722, the Support UNFPA Funding Act to support the critical work of UNFPA.


    Financial crisis at PAHO in the time of COVID-19: a call for action

    United States

    On May 21, 2020, at a special session of the Executive Committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), WHO Regional Office for the Americas, Carissa Etienne, Regional Director, declared that due to non-payment of Member States' contributions, PAHO stands on the brink of insolvency.

     As of April 30, 2020, most of the non-payment is attributable to the USA (67%); however, late payments are outstanding from Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and others, to a total of US$164·6 million. This includes an unprecedented $63·8 million (57%) of 2019 assessed contributions.


    Share Your Voice: Support the World Health Organization

    United States

    The U.S. Government just issued formal notification that it is withdrawing from the World Health Organization (WHO). This decision is dangerous and short-sighted, putting our ability to stop COVID-19 at risk and jeopardizing progress made on other diseases, including polio, malaria, measles, and HIV/AIDS.


    Review for Relief

    United States*

    E-mail: reviewforrelief@gmail.com

    Ig: @reviewforrelief


    Review for Relief is a youth-led organization making an effort to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. This virus has impacted every facet of life, and our team is dedicated to improving two of them: education and healthcare. In light of unforeseen circumstances, many students are now unable to properly review for their AP exams. In response, our team has put together study guides for these affected students in exchange for a donation to global COVID-19 relief efforts.

    *and two other countries



    Students vs Pandemics
    MA (Boston), CA (Los Angeles), NJ (Princeton) and expanding

    E-mail: studentsvspandemics@gmail.com


    Ig: @studentsvspandemics

    Twitter: @stdntvspandemic

    Catalyst network solving time-sensitive humanitarian crises by empowering rising leaders & promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.


    LA County COVID Volunteers

    Los Angeles

    E-mail: ksmcclun@usc.edu

    Provide childcare, pet care, and errands (groceries, pharmacy, etc) for frontline health care workers.


    Facebook Group: Training in the Time of Coronavirus 

    New Haven*

    E-mail: yaleresidentcollective@gmail.com


    The purpose of our Facebook page is to create a brave space for healthcare trainees to come together and share our humanity. These unprecedented times shape all of us in a deeply personal way. It can feel isolating and overwhelming, so it is critical that we be in community with each other to bear witness to, process, and share our stories, from breakdowns to breakthroughs. We can lean on and draw strength from each other and collectively envision ways that we can transform and heal our patients and ourselves as active organizers in shaping our shared history. During this time of crisis, when residents and fellows are being put in harm’s way, it is more important than ever to protect our rights as trainees.

    Please request to join our Facebook page Training in the Time of Coronavirus or email us at yaleresidentcollective@gmail.com

    *Based in New Haven, but we are amplifying and organizing healthcare trainees nationally


    Miami Med COVID Help

    Miami​, Florida

    E-mail: miamimedcovidhelp@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: @MIAmedCOVIDhelp
    Facebook: MiamiMedCOVIDHelp


    We are seeking out PPE donations throughout South Florida and arranging pick-up, sorting, and delivery to local hospitals—especially Emergency Departments—and we are creating homemade PPE with 3D printing and sewing (we gladly accept mailed-in donations). We also have volunteers who help our front-line providers with any/all kinds of errands for their home lives: grocery runs, pharmacy runs, attended deliveries, dog walking or pet sitting, meal drop-offs, any remote help, etc.



    COVID Provider Relief

    Tampa, Florida

    E-mail: lesserj@usf.edu

    Volunteers assist with childcare, house care, errands, pet care, etc. for healthcare providers.



    COVID Rapid Response Team Chicago (CRRTC)

    E-mail: covidrrtchicago@gmail.com

    Ig/Twitter: @covidrrtchicago


    A collective of over 800+ volunteers who have joined together to support hospital and community efforts during the pandemic. There are volunteer opportunities in both the clinical and non-clinical realms. Our volunteers have supported efforts in COVID-19 screening and testing in Chicago's vulnerable, congregate settings, including several homeless shelters, telehealth surveillance efforts for COVID+ individuals, social isolation and tutoring programs, a local food pantry, and healthcare worker support. Those who would like to get involved can sign up on our website!


    Northwestern Medical Students 
    Chicago COVID-19 Assistance

    E-mail: nu.student.covid.assistance@gmail.com

    For healthcare workers, patients in isolation, and patients at risk of COVID-19: Food & Supply Delivery, Meal Preparation, Diaper and Formula Delivery, Medicine Pickup from Pharmacy + Delivery, Virtual Tutoring for kids

    For nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals:
    Virtual Patient Education, Non-medical phone calls to seniors in isolation


    #GetMePPE Chicago

    E-mail: GetMePPEchi@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: @GetMePPEchi
    Facebook: GetMePPEchi

    We are a grassroots organization comprised of medical students from throughout Chicago working to facilitate personal protective gear (PPE) donations from community members to hospitals in need.


    Chicago COVIDsitters
    Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

    E-mail: chicagocovidsitters@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: @ChiCOVIDsitters
    Facebook: ChiCOVIDsitters

    Free childcare, petcare, and household errands to healthcare and healthcare-associated staff.


    Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Chicago COVID-19 Assistance


    For Healthcare Workers: Pet care, childcare/tutoring, food & supply delivery, meal preparation


    For Clinics and Hospitals: Screening/Triage, Staffing Hotlines, Blood Draws, Medication Administration, Patient Transportation, Interpreting, Clinical Documentation, Make calls to cancel/re-schedule non-urgent appointments and elective procedures, Telemedicine​


    Please note that due to rules set by the health department, we are currently unable to accept any requests from Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities at this time.


    #MasksNow Illinois
    Southern, Central, Northwest Suburbs of Illinois and Chicago

    Ig/Twitter: @MasksNowIL

    #MasksNow is grassroots movement of sewers and seamstresses sewing masks for healthcare workers and at risk community members in Illinois.


    Midwestern University

    E-mail: ppatel52@midwestern.edu
    Instagram/Twitter: @plakaflaka

    Volunteers assist with childcare, pet care, food/PPE delivery, screening, triage, care packages for residents


    #GetMePPE Indiana
    Indiana (Mostly Central)

    E-mail: madtharr@iu.edu
    Instagram/Twitter: @getmeppeindiana

    Provide PPE to frontline staff via outreach to businesses, collection, delivery.


    TUSOM COVID Response
    New Orleans

    E-mail: sforoushani@tulane.edu
    Instagram/Facebook: @TulaneSCC
    Twitter: @ClinicTusom


    Volunteers to help collect and distribute PPE donations to New Orleans hospitals and first responders.


    Oregon Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Resource Document)

    E-mail: pdxaddiction@gmail.com

    Aim 1: To collect and disseminate operational and capacity changes in local addiction care services to the treatment community in real-time.

    Aim 2: To identify and address immediate resource needs for local safety net programs & organizations.


    New York City

    E-mail: mericien.venzon@nyulangone.org

    Instagram/Twitter: @ppe2nyc


    PPE2NYC gets at the current PPE crisis through the grassroots. We are volunteers from medschools across NYC, donors from all 5 boroughs, and any physician in need--working together to get PPE into hospitals NOW. As epicenter of COVID-19 in the US, directly donations via a centralized platform ppe2nyc.com allows us to work better together. No need, no donation is too small! Physicians can text our hotline 1-917-300-9466 to get connected with donors in there area that have registered their items on our website.



    New York City

    E-mail: medpath2020@gmail.com


    Volunteers to help collect and distribute medical supply surplus to hospitals + clinics with shortages (with a current focus on PPE)


    Univ. of Minnesota Medical School

    E-mail: jpathoul@umn.edu

    Volunteers to assist with PPE collection. We have mobilized over 50 medical students to call local companies who have PPE and provide information for PPE drop-off at our hospital system. We are also conducting a study of donors.


    Apart Not Alone
    Baltimore (with capacity to expand!)

    E-mail: Apartnotaloneseniors@gmail.com

    Partners students with seniors to combat loneliness by providing companionship and help with connective technology including email and video chat. We also connect to relevant community services if additional needs are identified.


    Medical Personnel Support
    Boston Area

    E-mail: mpsboston20@gmail.com

    Volunteers to help with childcare, grocery delivery, translation services, and assistance with any non-clinical tasks as needed (e.g. working w/related M3/4 group for clinical tasks)


    Red Cross Blood Drive

    San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland​

    E-mail: phoebe.miller@ucsf.edu



    Philadelphia Organization of Health Professions Students

    E-mail: ramiefathy@gmail.com

    Ig: @POHPS

    Twitter: @PhillyOHPS

    PPE collection/distribution, informational material gathering/development for the public and health care professionals, volunteering facilitation, community leader support, wellness promotion, publicizing public programs and relief funds


    Rhode Island

    E-mail: swechya_banskota@brown.edu

    Medical students volunteer to virtually visit older adults in Assisted Living Sites/nursing home facilities to help combat loneliness as they practice strict social distancing and self-quarantine measures, in addition to these facilities being closed to visitors and family members. Additionally, medical students partner with local elementary school to virtually teach school-aged children who are forced to stay home as the country battles COVID-19 about nutrition, exercise, and health. Medical students have the opportunity to enjoy other endless options of meaningful activities with children that is only limited by both children/students’ interests, including practicing hip pop, teaching music, and meditating together.



    Appily Day

    Redmond, WA*

    E-mail: appilyday@gmail.com

    Ig: @appilyday

    AppilyDay is a youth-led initiative partnering with youth-serving organizations and healthcare professionals to advocate for public health. We aim to give concise and accurate information on the latest health news, as well as empower teens who are looking forward to pursuing a career in medicine. Our mission is to inspire young generations to take care of their health and well-being starting now.


    *Our team is located in Redmond, but we're hoping to look for representatives all across Washington State.


    PPE 2 NEPA
    Scranton, PA

    E-mail: Ppe2nepa@gmail.com

    Ig: @ppe2nepa

    Inspired by the ppe2region movement, we are a student movement to addressing the growing need for PPE within healthcare facilities of the northeast PA. We are contacting local business and accepting individual donations of PPE to distribute to healthcare workers in need.




Mac Students COVID-19 Support Initiative
Canada, Ontario, Hamilton/Waterloo/Niagara

E-mail: MacStudentsforHCPs@gmail.com

This program is intended for healthcare workers in the GHA, Waterloo, and Niagara looking for support with life tasks outside the wards: childcare/babysitting, grocery runs, pharmacy runs, pet care, general errands, etc. We will do our best to connect them with current healthcare learners and hospital staff (that's you!) who are able to help. We ask that only medical, nursing, PT, OT, PA, SLP, midwifery, pharmacy students, residents, and staff affiliated with HHS sign up for this initiative.


    Acerca del COVID19

    Bogota, Colombia
    E-mail: melizzamosquera@javeriana.edu

    Instagram: @acercadelcovid19

    Recommendations about COVID-19, mental health, and other tips during quarantine.





    Voices for Nicaragua

    Recommendations about COVID-19, mental health, and other tips during quarantine. This charity event aims to support the Nicaraguan community in Nicaragua and those who are exiled in Costa Rica with humanitarian aid.



Una de las cuestiones que está visibilizando la actual pandemia del COVID-19 es que las mujeres están liderando la respuesta en primera línea. Son mayoría entre las y los profesionales de la salud. Sin embargo, los hombres tienden a ocupar los puestos más altos de toma de decisiones. ¿Cuáles son las principales barreras en la promoción profesional de las mujeres en el sector de la salud? ¿Cómo contribuir para que más mujeres alcancen posiciones de liderazgo en este ámbito? ¿Por qué la participación y liderazgo de las mujeres es importante en la respuesta a las crisis como la actual pandemia?

Sobre esto conversamos en el Episodio 1 con la Dra. Rocío Saéz, Ex Ministra de Salud de Costa Rica.

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