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community funding

Community Funding


Funding Opportunities

This Google Doc compiles a list of independently-sourced COVID-19 funding opportunities for various populations made vulnerable by the pandemic, including artists, tipped workers, and women entrepreneur. Please check back for updates as we will be updating this regularly. 

City of Chicago Microbusiness Recovery Grant Application

The City of Chicago will distribute $5,000 grants for up to 1,000 small businesses who operate in our low-income and moderate-income communities. Deadline: 5/4/20 at 5 PM CST

Comprehensive Resource Databases


CORE Group Resources Database

From the CORE Group, in collaboration with multiple partner and member organizations, has compiled a resources database in response to the COVID-19 Outbreak for multiple at-risk populations, including those with Disabilities, LGBT+, in Humanitarian and Fragile Settings, Pregnant Women, and more.

Mutual Aid (Needs-specific)

COVID-19 Digital Aid
An effort to connect technologists to communities needing digital help in order to further communities they are aiding. This can involve web- or mobile-app building, data-driven decision-making, process optimization software, training to use social media, video conferencing platforms, and more.

Mutual Aid (By Region)


#STOPCOVID-19 infographics
Most primary caregivers to the ill are women, women make up about 70% of the health sector and most women are engaged in the informal sector. To stop COVID-19 spread and community transmission, it is important that women especially are armed with accurate information at their disposal. However, some cultural factors, especially in Africa, may restrict women's access to information on outbreaks and availability of services. In order to address this, we produced the #stopCOVID-19 infographics in over 60 languages, most especially African languages for easy readability and understanding among women especially the millions of women who do not understand English or French.

United States

This Google Doc compiles a list of independently-sourced resources available to communities in Boston. This document will be updated daily with new information as it becomes available. It is also available in several languages: Español | Português | Kreyòl | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | عربى|
This Google Doc compiles a list of independently-sourced resources available to community members who are in need of support during the COVID-19 pandemic. These populations include immigrants and refugees, low-income families, artists and restaurant workers who are displaced by the pandemic. All of these resources are available to Chicago residents, with some resources available also on a national level. Please feel free to keep bookmarked and check back regularly for updates.

Mutual Aid (By Population)

Immigrants and Refugees

  • United States - Google Doc compiling a list of COVID-19 resources for undocumented communities in every state.
  • Illinois - ILCIRR Guide - From the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, this comprehensive guide was created to address the needs of the immigrant and refugee community in the state of Illinois.
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