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Joining forces with Acclivus, our new community partner

We feel fortunate to be able to support Acclivus in their work.

Acclivus is community health organization that focuses on the health and well-being of individuals living in Chicago’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Acclivus provides both hospital-based and community-based violence prevention services, servicing a network of level-1 trauma hospitals and performing critical coordinating and centralizing immediate violence intervention across the Chicago metro area. Aligned with community health work, Acclivus hires, trains, and manages violence interrupters and case managers with indigenous roots to the communities they serve. Through the combination of lived experience and skills training, staff are experts at preventing and rerouting violent mentality and associated behavior, leading to reduction in violent events. Acclivus, Inc. believes strongly in restorative justice and therefore hire, train, and support staff to leverage knowledge of their communities so as they transform their lives, they also transform their communities.

Thank you to our friends at Acclivus!

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